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Global bike shortage (it isn't just us!)

Bikes are in very short supply. To be frank, the situation stinks, and we wish it wasn't this way. Your time is valuable, so before you head down to look for bikes, click the link. See what we have; see how we can help. 

Speed River Bicycle van

Service - by appointment only

During Stage 1 all bicycle service is booked online or by phone if you do not have internet access.

You must have an appointment for service prior to coming to the store. We are not capable of receiving drop-off repairs. 

We also offer free home pickup and delivery in Guelph on repairs > $50!

Bike on gravel trail


During stage 1 we have a few options for sales! Click the learn more button to get the info. 

Bike inventory is at an all-time low. Go here for the details. 

We also deliver! If you live within the City of Guelph and your purchase is > $50 delivery is free. 

Kids' Bicycle Trade Up Program

Kids Grow Up Fast. Let Us Help.