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Happy New Bike Day!

We know you’ll love your new ride! Please enjoy complimentary adjustments for the next 30 days. Why not be pro active and book your 30 day service now?

Free adjustments include:
- Size and comfort (saddle height, handlebar height, etc)
- Brakes and gears
- Wheel tensioning

Have questions? Just ask!
You can always ask one of our service advisors or sales staff for a quick lesson.
We are happy to teach you:
- How to clean and lube your drivetrain
- How to inflate your tires
- How to perform a pre-ride safety check

Your first service is on us!
All bikes require regular maintenance and care to perform at their highest level. Every new bicycle purchased from SRB includes a free Standard Tune Up (or equivalent labour credit) within the first year of ownership.

Thanks again, and we can't wait to help you keep your bike in great shape! 

Questions? Give us a call at 519-824-9371 or email

Tubeless Wheels!

If your bike came with tubeless tires, what does that mean?

  • Simply, they are more flat resistant than a standard tubed tire and do NOT have a tube in them. 

More info? Read all about it here on Stan's No Tubes website and here on Pinkbike.

What do I need to do to maintain my Tubeless system?

  • Check your air pressure with a floor pump or tire pressure gauge before every ride.
  • Refresh your tubeless fluid every 3-6 months
Looking to install or refresh your tubeless tires at home? Here’s a quick guide courtesy of Stan's No Tubes.

Accessories to make the ride even better!

The bicycle is an amazing machine and, with the right accessories, your bicycle can become even more amazing. Below are links to recommended accessories organized by style of bike: