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Places to ride!

We ride, a lot. You should take advantage of that and check out some of our favourite places to ride bikes!

Want to see even more? Visit our friends at GCC and take a gander at all of their route options. Or join them on a club ride!

Road rides.

Quick & Easy!

A classic loop with the ability to loop out onto larger rides, Guelph Lake Loops are a staple for local cyclists!

Getting longer!

Classic road route using two climbs on Watson Rd to put some sting in the legs. If you are looking for 60km and 2+ hours, this is a great local loop!

Perfect in the a.m.

Great shorter road ride this traverses some great roads and is best ridden early morning!

A Maxine favourite!

A great route done in either direction this will have some hills, some rollers and as always, some wind!

Local Mountain Bike trails.

Guelph Lake Trails

These are a staple for every Guelph Mountain Biker. With a focus on berms, fun and progression these trails are perfect for every level. Well signed, well maintained and a guaranteed good time. Don't hesitate to become a GORBA member and support the trail network! 

Arkell Spring Trails

An amazing resource for our community, these trails are a fairly large step up in terms of technical ability compared to the Guelph Lake Trails. Steep climbs, lots of features, lots of rock gardens these trails challenge skilled riders. Recommended to check these out with an experienced friend (or two!). 

Gravel & Rail Trail.

So much trail in-town!

Did you know there was SO MUCH GREAT TRAIL within the city limits? Well there is. And we love it. 

50km of Gravel!

A route we use often that incorporates some G2G and being West & North of town ... quieter roads and fewer cars. 

Keeping it in-town!

Use a route like this to change things up or just enjoy what the city offers. Best ridden weekdays, just avoid Sat/Sun between 10 & 3 ideally!

A long time!

Taylor is our resident 'go long on gravel' expert and here is a classic Taylor route. Incorporating some roads you'll know and many you won't, give yourself time for this one!