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How to book your service:

  1. Book your drop-off below. 

  2. A free email quote is provided within 24 hours of drop-off. 

  3. Once approved, most repairs are completed within 7-10 days – the timeline will be confirmed as part of your quote.

Provide detail in the form: number of bikes; any specific issues you'd like resolved, and click the checkboxes to indicate what services you'd prefer to be quoted for.

  • Confirmation of your scheduled drop-off date and time and instructions for the drop-off will be sent to your email!
  • Flat fixes and other quick adjustments can be turned around within 24 hours and do not require an appointment. 
  • Questions? Reach out to or call us during our business hours at 519-824-9371. We are here to help keep you rolling!

Service Packages

Speed River Bicycle has been in business for over 30 years, and we have over 70 years of combined service experience! We love servicing all bikes. Nothing makes us happier than keeping people riding. 

We offer three main service packages as well as a variety of a la carte service options. See below for details.

Level 1


Great for your well-maintained and clean bicycle that requires a yearly service, it includes:

  • Align and adjust brakes
  • Tune and adjust shifting
  • Torque all fasteners
  • Inflate tires
  • Lubricate chain
  • Minor wheel truing

*Cost of replacement parts is not included in the package price

Level 2


Our most popular service package gives your bicycle more time with our mechanics! Includes Level 1, plus:

  • Complete bike frame, wheels, and drivetrain wash & lube
  • Lateral & vertical wheel true and tension
  • Inspect/adjust bottom bracket and hub bearings

*Cost of replacement parts is not included in the package price

Level 3


For those that want their bike tuned and cleaned, nothing beats a full wash and ultrasonic cleaning! Includes all of the level 2, as well as:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of drivetrain
  • Advanced wheel true and hub service
  • Update electronic shifting or e-assist, if applicable

*Cost of replacement parts is not included in the package price

A la carte!

Not every service fits perfectly into our 3 main service packages, so we offer A LOT of a la carte service options. Some of our most popular services are:

  • Flat Fixes/Tire Installs
  • Brake Bleeds
  • Wheel Builds or Spoke Replacements
  • Hub Overhaul
  • Brake or Shift Cable Installation
  • Tubular Installation

If you are curious about a service you don't see, send us an email at or call us at 519-824-9371 and we can help you out!

Continuous Improvement

We are always looking for ways to provide the best service possible: our mechanics go to offsite training sessions, run on-site training sessions, and absorb as much info as they can to be the best mechanics possible. 

We continuously invest in new tooling: the best tools from Park Tool, Unior, and Hozan fill our benches. We service Bosch E-bikes, Shimano E-bikes, and are Guelph's Di2 experts. 

Our shop features an awesome Kowa spoke cutter and our wheel builder, Dave, is always happy to build you up a new set of wheels. 

We live and breathe bicycle service!