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Gravel Bikes!

Gravel, bike-packing, under-biking, name it what you will they all equal fun on two wheels! We have spent countless hours riding, and know the best equipment for your needs. 

Every gravel bike comes with distinct features that align with the diverse cycling goals of gravel riders!  The Trek Checkpoint and Salsa Journeyer both have many mounting bolts to load your bike up for some multi-day gravel adventures.  The Salsa Journeyer shines when fully loaded, handling the same under load as without any bags, whereas the Trek Checkpoint will lie more in between the Hatchet and Journeyer, feeling sportier than the Journeyer but more capable of bike-packing compared to the Hatchet.  The Devinci Hatchet is designed for a zippy 'mountain bike feel' on a gravel bike!    

If you'd like to try the bikes first, send us an email or stop by the shop and we can guide you to something that will suit your needs and set you up a test ride!

Devinci Hatchet

Wherever you roll, Hatchet is willing, able — and highly capable. This versatile, fun-igniting platform merges off-road DNA with a moonshot mindset that shreds Strava gravel, brings the party to Grinduro, and even plays nice on pure pavement. Hatchet's MTB-inspired geometry includes a longer top-tube and shorter stem for enhanced handling on loose, technical terrain. 

Trek Checkpoint

Checkpoint is made for adventure, no matter if you’re racing Unbound Gravel, bikepacking on a remote logging road, or cruising down the bike path. It’s fast, comfortable, and smooth and its versatile design ensures you’ll reach all the places you dream of exploring on two wheels.

Salsa Journeyer

Journeyer is Salsa’s workhorse all-road adventure machine. Its versatility and confidence-inspiring ride are the perfect gateway to all-road riding—Journeyer can be your 700c or 650b gravel bike; your drop bar or flat bar gravel bike; your do-anything all-road bike.

Where to ride!

Many quiet gravel roads surround Guelph which makes a gravel bike perfect for the area.  There are also many trails within Guelph for some sweet in-town exploring!  Here are some of our favourite gravel routes.  If you want to see even more, visit our friends at GCC and take a gander at all of their route options or join them on a club ride!

So much trail in-town!

Did you know there was SO MUCH GREAT TRAIL within the city limits? Well there is. And we love it. 

50km of Gravel!

A route we often use that incorporates some G2G.  As it is West & North of town,  there are usually quieter roads and fewer cars. 

Keeping it in-town!

Use a route like this to change things up or just enjoy what the city offers. Best ridden weekdays, just avoid Sat/Sun between 10 & 3 ideally!

A long time!

Taylor is our resident 'go long on gravel' expert and here is a classic Taylor route. Incorporating some roads you'll know and many you won't, give yourself time for this one!

The right tires for the job!

There are so many tire options when considering gravel riding!  

A wider slick tire such as the Vittoria Terreno Zero will be awesome for longer gravel road rides.  While tires with some outer tread such as the Vittoria Terreno Dry or Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H will be more fun if you're planning on exploring some more adventurous off road riding such as the trails in Guelph lake. 

Setting a tire up tubeless will also make your gravel experience more enjoy-able.  Tubeless means that there is no tube in the tire, but there is sealant!  This allows you to ride tires at a lower pressure without the risk of pinch flats while also sealing any small punctures along the way.  Most Gravel bikes are already set up tubeless which means you'll just need to maintain the sealant every 3-6 months.   Read all about it here on Stan's No Tubes website!

Hydration, clothing, bags, and everything else you need!

Some essential accessories include a comfortable pair of shorts, lights, bottle cages, bottles, electrolytes, a multitool, and bike cleaning supplies.

On top of this, if you plan on going for longer rides, Trek's Checkpoint has the capability to mount Trek's frame bag seamlessly, or you can choose to mount a larger Ortlieb saddle bag to carry some extra gear!