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Maintenance Courses

Speed River Bicycle Maintenance Course: 1hr Flat Fix course
This clinic runs from 6-7pm at Speed River Bicycle in downtown Guelph! This is a clinic designed to have you comfortable and confident heading out on your own and handling a flat that may come your way. We will cover: - what equipment you need at home and on the bike - how to remove the wheel roadside and at home - how to remove the tire, inspect and assess the flat - how to install and inflate the tire We will cover any questions and there will be a good amount of hands on practice. Any accessories purchased at the clinic (tire levers, pumps etc...) will be subject to a 15% discount.
Speed River Bicycle Building a resilient cyclist - a workshop by SRB and Barres & Bells
Cycling is amazing and the human body is amazing. We believe everyone should be able to ride their bicycle comfortably and pain free; cyclists should also be able to do a huge variety of activities off the bike, pain free. While this is our belief, we realize this isn't always the case. The purpose of this workshop is to provide you with the building blocks to understand how you can improve your position on the bike by improving your body off the bike. We want to equip you with the tools and knowledge to make this coming season the best season ever. Need more details? Go here! When: Sunday, November 27th 9am to 2pm Where: Speed River Bicycle and Barres & Bells in Downtown Guelph Price: 75$ (taxes incl) with snacks and coffee provided
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