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Ride all year round

We can leverage our 30+ years experience to help you keep riding all year round. We know the right lights, fenders, clothing & bikes to keep you rolling comfortably 365 days of the year. Check out our favourite items below!

The right clothing!

Stay warm and dry throughout the seasons with these essential items!

Fat Bikes!

Ride your bike through the snow or any loose terrain!

Winter Footwear!

$299.99 - $399.99
$360.00 - $452.30
$450.00 - $452.30
$187.49 - $249.99

Winter Tires

Ride through the winter with grip!

Keep your bike clean!

A clean bike is a happy bike!  With more rain, salt, and snow in the forecast, protecting your bike frame and cleaning its drivetrain will become even more essential in this coming season.