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Read this before proceeding

During the COVID-19 pandemic we are intaking many repairs on a pickup (we come to you) basis to avoid lines and congregation at our door front.  

What does it cost?

There is a $10 pick-up fee associated with this service and a minimum service fee of our $54.99 Safety Inspection. 

If you need a simple repair (warranty tune, flat fix, brake adjustment) and/or can do a drop off, please go here.

Return delivery: We offer curbside pickup when complete or we can deliver it back to you. The fee for return delivery is 10$


  • Do I need to have pick up for repair? No, but if it helps you, have at it! If you need a tire install, flat fix or can drop it off go here. 
  • Do you offer this service outside of Guelph? Depending on location, yes, but prices (and turnaround) vary according to distance.

If you are interested in making a pickup appointment fill out the form below.

We will work to have a response to you within a business day. By filling out the form you are being put in queue for pickup!

Bicycle repairs are approximately a 3-5 business day wait if booked today.

type of bikes, issues you are having currently etc...
Curbside pickup is the quickest option, Delivery is 10$ can have a 2-3 business day delay.