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Road Bikes!

Get the kilometers in on a new road bike!  We have spent many hours riding on the road and can guide you to the right road bike, great routes, friendly groups rides, and awesome accessories to keep you going!

There are three main styles of road bike, endurance, lightweight, and aero, from Trek - Domane, Emonda, and Madone respectively.  The Domane tends to be the most popular in Guelph as it is the most versatile of the road bikes and very comfortable!  

With comfort in mind, it can be very valuable to get a full fit for those many hours spent on the saddle.  We will set up any new bike to your correct seat height and can do some minor sizing adjustments, but we always recommend to spend more time in a scheduled fit with the professionals to dial in comfort and efficiency!  Learn more or book a bike fit here.

Stop by the shop or send us an email and we can help guide you to the right road bike for your cycling goals!


Domane is a performance road bike that delivers incredible endurance comfort without sacrificing speed. Wherever you ride it – paved roads, hard-packed gravel, or the cobblestones of the world’s greatest one-day races – the Domane family is smooth, fast, and fun.


Émonda is the lightest road bike in Trek's lineup and the first up every climb. It offers the ultimate ride quality and balanced handling without compromising weight. Complete with fast and light aerodynamic tube shaping, Émonda helps riders go faster than ever on flats and climbs alike.


From a legacy of greatness comes a new standard of speed. Seven generations in the making, Madone pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with a triple threat of unprecedented aerodynamics, exceptional ride quality, and lightweight design.

Where to ride!

Here are some road routes that we enjoy riding often and if you want to see even more, visit our friends at Guelph Cycling Club (GCC) and take a gander at all of their route options or join them on a club ride!

Quick & Easy!

A classic loop with the ability to loop out onto larger rides, Guelph Lake Loops are a staple for local cyclists!

Getting longer!

Classic road route using two climbs on Watson Rd to put some sting in the legs. If you are looking for 60km and 2+ hours, this is a great local loop!

Perfect in the a.m.

Great shorter road ride this traverses some great roads and is best ridden early morning!

A Maxine favourite!

A great route done in either direction this will have some hills, some rollers and as always, some wind!

The right tires for the job!

Choosing the right tire for road cycling is often about minimizing rolling resistance and maximizing comfort while keeping things durable and reliable! We have a great selection of Vittoria, Continental, and Pirelli tires in stock. 

Feel free to stop by the shop and let us know your favourite type of riding and we'll happily share our input on which tires to suggest!

Hydration, clothing, bags, and everything else you need!

The essential accessories include a comfortable pair of shorts, daytime visible lights, bottle cages and bottles for hydration, electrolytes or fuel for the long haul, a multitool for quick repairs, and bike cleaning supplies to keep your steed happy!