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Mountain Bikes!

There are a lot of different ways to ride off-road, and we’re here to help you choose the right mountain bike for however and wherever you want to ride!  Cross country bikes such as the Top Fuel, Procaliber, X-Caliber, and Marlin are light and agile making them great for trails that are flat, narrow, and twisty.  Trail bikes such as the Fuel EX and Roscoe are amazing for steeper descents or a lot more chunky terrain.

The most common types of bikes—trail and cross country—can either be full suspension bikes with both front and rear shocks, or hardtails with no rear shock.

Stop by the shop or send us an email and we can help guide you to the right mountain bike for your cycling goals!


Hardtail bikes feature front suspension for a nimble and lightweight design. Their agility shines through, particularly during sprints and on smoother climbs, allowing for a thrilling and swift ride. Although there's no rear shock to absorb bumps, this characteristic promotes a more engaging and energetic ride, requiring a bit more effort on rough terrain but ultimately offering a heightened sense of control and connection with the trail.

Full Suspension

Full suspension bikes provide an unparalleled level of comfort and enhanced control, especially when tackling rough terrain. The rear suspension ensures superior traction, as it keeps the back wheel closely tracking the ground. While the rear shock and associated hardware might add a bit of weight, the benefits in terms of a smoother and more controlled ride outweigh this aspect. Additionally, though the extra movement from the shock may slightly affect efficiency during sprints and smooth climbs, the overall advantages in comfort and performance make it a worthy trade-off. 

Where to ride!

Guelph Lake Trails

These trails are a staple for every Guelph Mountain Biker. With a focus on berms, fun, and progression these trails are perfect for every level. Well signed, well maintained, and a guaranteed good time. Don't hesitate to become a GORBA member and support the trail network! 

Arkell Spring Trails

An amazing resource for our community, these trails are a fairly large step up in terms of technical ability compared to the Guelph Lake Trails. With its steep climbs, lots of features, and rock gardens, these trails challenge skilled riders.  We recommended checking these out with an experienced friend (or two!) and you must be a GORBA member to ride these trails - day passes are available! 

The right tires for the job!

The proper tread pattern, the right volume, and do you go tubeless?

Cross country mountain biking can have smoother but more twisty trails.  This means a light weight tire can be more valuable compared to a tire with chunky tread.  Tires that we like to ride on these smoother and faster trails are the Bontrager XR3 and the Continental Cross King.

For a chunkier tire, when riding over more rocky, muddy terrain and larger descents, a tire such as the Bontrager XR4, Vittoria Agarro, Continental Trail King, Maxxis Minion  are great options.

Setting up your tires tubeless will also make your mountain biking experience more enjoy-able.  Tubeless means that there is no tube in the tire, but there is sealant!  This allows you to ride tires at a lower pressure without the risk of pinch flats while also sealing any small punctures along the way.  Read all about it here on Stan's No Tubes website!

Hydration, clothing, bags, and everything else you need!

Some key accessories that all mountain bikers should have is a helmet, glasses, a multitool, and hydration in either the form of a bottle and cage or a Camelbak.