Meet the team ... 

Whatever your goal, our team is here to help guide you to success. Meet the folks who make Speed River Bicycle what it is!

Cosmo Carere

Here from the very beginning, Cosmo is the original owner of Speed River Bicycle. When not keeping the business running smoothly, he's out riding mountain bikes... on mountains. See evidence to the left. 

Current Bikes: Trek Fuel EX 8, Trek Checkpoint SL6, Trek District

Tim Plunkett

Cosmos partner in bikes Tim takes the role of Mechanic, Bike fitter, Sales ... you name it. 

Passionate about using bikes for transportation Tim has been riding 365 days a year for over 14 years. From riding to the U of G to getting his son to daycare bikes have been an integral part of his transportation plan. 

Current Bikes: Trek Fuel EX8 Eagle, Trek Crockett, Devinci Hatchet, Trek Stache 5

Taylor Moran

Our Sales Manager is a commuter, cycling advocate, gravel guy and bikepacker. Passionate about tires, wheels and showing people the amazing cycling options that abound in the area Taylor is your cycling guide to the region. 

Taylor runs a bi-weekly gravel ride that is growing by leaps and bounds every year. If you would like to learn more, click here

Current Bikes: Trek Checkpoint ALR 5, Trek Procaliber 6

Jonathan Prosser

We realized we don't have many pictures of Jon... Ex-racer turned Service Manager, Jon's attention to detail is unmatched. If your bike is in need of care, he won't miss a thing.

Current Bikes: Marinoni Fango CX Bike, Trek Procaliber 8, Brodie "hard times" Commuter

David Bradfield

From the theatre to the backshop – Dave came to us years ago after looking for a career in bikes. This bicycle-tuning machine runs on excellent coffee and good tunes. Little known fact: Dave will sing for you if you ask nicely!

Current bikes: Trek Stache 9.7, Trek Crockett 5, Trek District

James Fedosov

Hard to miss, James was hired because he can reach many objects without ladders. A recent graduate of UoG nutrition and business admin, our in-house racer ironically runs on stroopwaffels and is always stoked for this Sunday's event.

Current Bikes: Trek Boone 5, Trek Crockett 5, Trek Fuel EX 8 Eagle, Devinci Cartier

Kelly Legge

Never-not-smiling, Kelly is head of our Stoke Department and quite possibly has the best attitude of anyone we know, ever. Adventure racer, bike racer, loving SuperMom, and volunteer lead of Guelph's Up and Running women's running groups, leader of our Women's group, Kelly is exactly what a local cycling community looks for!

Current bikes: Trek Top Fuel 9.8, Devinci Hatchet Carbon