Meet Our Staff

This is who we are and what we do.

We start our day with recreational rides, we ride our bikes to work, we work on bikes and talk about it all day, and then we ride our bikes home. Somewhere in there we transport our children via bike, go on family rides, train for races, cruise the streets and trails of Guelph and absorb everything we can about bikes and cycling.

We don't take this lightly (though we don't take ourselves too seriously). We want to help you in whatever it is you are trying to accomplish: whether that is your first full year of commuting, your first Ironman, or getting your child on their first bike. We believe in the power of bikes.

Cosmo, founder of the store ...
Tim enjoying life ..
Jonathan Prosser
Dave building wheels.
Taylor 'touring man' Moran
James Fedosov
Kelly Legge
Mark Dipple