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Light up your ride!

Lights are one of the accessories that every single cyclist can benefit from. Shorter days and need your trail ride? Lights can help. Commuting morning, noon or night? Lights are here for you. Road or gravel riding? There is a light for that. Take a look below for our favourite lights for each situation. 

See the trails!

Light up your way through the trails with these bright headlights!

Around town!

Commuting can often involve constantly sharing the road with motor vehicles.  Ensure that you will be seen anytime of the day with these light options.

Out on the roads!

When riding on those beautiful country roads, cars are moving a lot more quickly, and a bright light that gives a motor vehicle a 2km heads up is essential!

Mounting options!

Lezyne and Bontrager lights can easily be mounted on your helmet with these different mounting options.  Bontrager and Trek lights can also work seamlessly with your Trek bike through their Blendr integration!