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Level 3 Fit - $450

This is the most detailed fit offered. Optimally, if client scheduling allows, the fit is broken into two sessions, the first being 2-2.5 hrs and the second being approx. 1 hr. After the second session, we recommend booking a follow-up within 90 days to ensure everything is going well! 

The Level 3 Fit includes:

  • detailed interview
  • advanced physical assessment
  • pressure mapping technology
  • motion capture technology
  • purely custom size cycle (where appropriate and necessary) 
  • detailed follow-up with recommendations and suggestions
  • 120-day satisfaction guarantee

Going to France? Or recovering from a major injury? Are working with a health professional or just trying to improve your cycling performance? This is the perfect fit for you! To get the most out of the level 3 fit, you must be committed to doing the homework and working on the items we discuss during the fit.

It is recommended that you bring the following to your fitting:

  • bike & pedals
  • shoes & insoles
  • shorts & jersey 
    • tight fitting jersey preferable to loose-fitting shirt
    • multiple pairs of shorts, especially if a triathlete
  • helmet if triathlete/aero bike
  • small parts you currently own that you feel are important (new cleats, stems, etc...) or have questions about

A bike fit is rarely a one-time, and you are done situation. If you purchase the Level 3 Fit, we recommend you take advantage of the follow-ups and ... follow-up! The Level 3 bike fit includes a satisfaction guarantee within 120 days of the initial fit. We will work with you until it works or refund the labour if you are not satisfied*. 

The labour fee for the fitting is $450 and does not include parts such as saddles, cleats, and handlebars. A new saddle, insoles and/or cleats are common add-ons during a fit. 

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