Light up the holidays!

We have an amazing selection of lights & bells that are the perfect gift for any cyclist. 

Lights for seeing and to be seen. Bells for fashion and safety, you name it, we've got it. 

Buy any two lights (or light set) and save 15%!

Trainers, computers, gadgets!

Cyclists love tech, it is a scientific fact. 

Garmin cycling computers will track anything you need and can control the new Bontrager RT light systems!

TACX trainers will get you spinning indoors to connecting you to the latest software (Zwift, Trainer Road etc...) to provide an interactive training experience. 

Whatever the gadget, we've probably used it. Through the holidays save 15% on all trainer accessories!

Clothing they really want!

We have more socks than you could shake a stick at with cycling specific socks from Giro & Bontrager to all around awesome socks from Ice Breaker. 

Shorts, gloves (summer & winter), warmers, tights, base layers and more. We have a great selection in stock and the expertise to guide you in the right direction. 

Buy any two pieces of clothing, save 15% on the total purchase. Buy any three (or more) pieces of clothing, save 20% on the total purchase!

New tires, not just for cars...

Your bicycle tires are an oft overlooked aspect of your bike. They support you everywhere you go and generally, you only notice them when they are flat!

Fresh tires can make the world of difference and really enhance your ride. Give the cyclist in your life the gift of grip, puncture resistance and ride quality this season. 

Buy any two tires and get 15% off the total purchase price!

The gift of a well tuned bike!

Every bike needs regular maintenance and there are certain things that every cyclist should have. 

Lube (and cleaning supplies) for the chain. 

Inflation tools for the tires (floor pumps, on the bike pumps).

Simple tools to tighten what gets loose and a proper way to carry them on the bike. 

Let us help you get your cyclist prepared for the season. When you buy any two maintenance items, save 15%. When you buy any three (or more) maintenance items, save 20%!

Bikes for everyone!

Waking up and finding your dream bike under the tree? Give a Fat Bike and watch your loved one ride right out the door. 

Our kids trade up program is a gift that keeps giving and lets you save on future bikes!

Give the gift of joy, health and outdoor adventure!