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Meet the fit team.

Tim Plunkett - Lead Fitter

With 15 years of bike-fitting experience and over 20 years as a mechanic, Tim has completed over 1000 bike fits and numerous Bike Fit certifications. These include: 

  • Bike Fit level 1 
  • Trek Fit level 1 w/ Michael Sylvester
  • Trek Precision Fit levels 1,2 & 3,

Tim has instructed the Trek Precision Fit Level 1 course in Canada and is Canada's only Cyclelogic Education instructor.

We believe that bike fit does not "live in a silo", meaning that higher-quality movement off the bike will lead to better movement and comfort on the bike. With this in mind, Tim pursued employment in a local gym for five years, completing fitness certifications such as Crossfit level 1, FMS level 1, FRS level 1, Agatsu KB level 1, and Olympic weightlifting certifications. 

A passionate cyclist, Tim has raced on the road, gravel, and CX course but now finds himself riding for relaxation, enjoyment, and longevity.

Tim believes bike fit is for cyclists of all aspirations, and he enjoys the unique challenges and relationships that can emerge from helping others find comfort on the bike! If you are interested in our musings on fit and fit-related items, head over here!

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James Fedosov - Level 1 Fitter

James has been sizing and helping with bike fits for over 4 years. As our service intake lead, he has an in-depth understanding of bicycle mechanics. He has trained as a Precision Fit level 1 fitter, and completes level 1 fits and complimentary fits on new bicycles.

James loves to ride his bike, and competes in cyclocross, gravel, MTB, and the occasional road race. He recognizes the importance of movement quality off the bike, and takes pride in training and working to improve his understanding of the human body. 

Taylor Moran - Sizing expert

Taylor is our sales manager, and our sales floor sizing expert. 

With a passion for long-distance cycling and bike packing, Taylor's journey towards his own comfortable fit (for exceptional distances under load) has helped him better understand how to ensure those that he is working with have the bike that will best fit their needs, and their body. 

Taylor has sat-in on many fits over the years, sized countless clients for a new bicycle, and been subjected to numerous sessions on his bikes over the years. He is constantly training on the technology that we use in the SRB fit room.