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E-Bikes are Freedom!

E-bikes give you the power to explore your city, run all of your errands, and then keep on riding!  They are just like every other bike, but they give you that bit of assist when you need it most! We have E-bikes from Trek, Electra, and YUBA, in stock and ready for you to test. Change your life, choose an e-bike!

If you are interested in a Cargo e-Bike but would like to try one before buying, we offer Cargo E-bike rentals!  Learn more about it here.


Think hybrid bike, but with a boost of assist!  These bikes are perfect for riding with the family, exploring the town, and commuting!

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The perfect bike to replace a car!  Most cargo bikes will carry at least two kids and lots of groceries!  Whatever you want to carry, a cargo bike lets you go by bike!

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An e-mountain bike can handle any technical trail.  They will let you ride for longer and tackle the steeper climbs!

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Ride for longer and explore more on electric. Road or gravel, you can go so much farther when you go by e-bike!

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Drive Systems

All E-Bikes will give you a boost in some way, shape, or form.  All the e-bikes that we carry are pedal assist which means that you must be pedaling for the motor to kick in.  These e-bikes are equipped to allow you to choose the level of assist you'd like while riding.

There are two different ways e-bikes can power this assist; mid-drive and hub-drive.  So, what's the difference and which is better for you?

Mid-drive motors, such as Bosch and Shimano, are mounted at the crank of the bike, close to the middle.  This provides a more natural feel and quicker response when pedaling.  This also means that the wheels on the bike are no different than a regular bike, making it slightly easier to service.  If you are curious about the range of a battery, Bosch has a great resource to measure its range!  Check it out here!

Hub-drive motors, such as Hyena, put the motor in the hub of one of the wheels on the bike.  This will result in a a slightly slower response for the motor to kick in leading to a less natural feel, along with the weight distribution being less centered.  However, this system is more cost effective which puts these e-bikes at a more accessible price-point!

Both options are great and we'd be happy to guide you to choosing the best e-bike for you!  If you are interested in checking out any e-bikes or taking a couple on a test ride, send us an email or stop by the shop and we will make sure we've got something set up for you to try!

Where to ride!

There is so much to explore in and around Guelph.  Here are some of our top picks!

Guelph Trails

Guelph has many trails within the city to explore and an e-bike is perfect for exploring!

Explore Downtown Guelph

Skip finding a parking spot and take your e-bike downtown!

Kissing Bridge Trail

The Kissing Bridge Trail has kilometers and kilometers of groomed trail.  A distance perfect when you have a motor to take you farther!

Helmets, bags, and everything else you need!

E-bikes will often already have fenders, lights, and a rack which allow you to easily add a trunk bag or set of panniers!

If you plan on using your e-bike for commuting, a good lock is essential.  If you plan on riding through all weather conditions, keeping your bike clean is important for keeping your e-bike running smoothly.  Using a brush, the Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner, and Nano-Tech Cleaner will make cleaning your bike a breeze.  To protect your bike, Muc-Off Bike Protect will keep mud and grit from sticking to your bike and drivetrain - this is especially useful during the salty winter months!