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E-bikes are freedom!

The power to explore your city, to run all of your errands and then keep on riding. E-bikes are just like every other bike, but they give you that bit of assist when you need it most! We have E-bikes from Trek, Electra and Benno in stock and ready for you to test. Change your life, grab an e-bike!


Ditch the car and take your bike to the grocery store, or work, or wherever you need to go without a sweat! These bikes are equipped with everything a commuter bike would need: fenders, lights, a rear rack, and motor to tackle any hills that might normally sway you away from choosing to go by bike!


If you're looking to enjoy a fun family ride around the neighborhood, pedal to get some exercise, or just want to enjoy the fun and freedom of being on two wheels, there’s an electric city bike for you. It’ll add more speed, distance, and fun to any ride.


These electric mountain bikes are stacked with smart tech that lets you see and do more. They ride like mountain bikes because they are mountain bikes, built on a legacy of frame and suspension tech that puts the rider first.