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Cross bike routes ... gravel & pave ...

Some winter rides we do ...

This section is dedicated to routes that we take on our 'cross bikes when the snow is falling, the roads are slushy and it is generally a great time to be out on the bike. Feel free to take these routes when it isn`t snowing, you just need a bike that is a bit hardier than your typical road bike. A 'cross bike, a 29er, a MTB ... lots of options.

As a note, if the map isn`t fully visible or centred simply back out w/ the negative sign and centre it up or simply hit the view larger map link. This will also give you a road by road list of directions

View Gravel Road Riding ... Guelph lake single track to gravel roads and more! in a larger map

This route takes a little bit over 2 hours for myself when it is snowy, cold and slushy out. If it is early enough in the year I will take the rail trail out to the Guelph Lake Trails and ride them a bit and then hop out onto Conservation Rd. If you need some clarification just send me an email ... stop by the shop ... whatever you need.

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This is a bit more of an epic winter ride. We have done it twice this year and with the combination of wind, snow and cold temperatures this 100 km ride can take in excess of 4 hours so be prepared. Mostly dirt roads we see some pave where necessary so again, be prepared with the right bike and the right tyres.