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Building a Resilient Cyclist: Presented by SRB and Barres & Bells. 

Cycling is amazing and the human body is amazing. We believe everyone should be able to ride their bicycle comfortably and pain free; cyclists should also be able to do a huge variety of activities off the bike, pain free. While this is our belief, we realize this isn't always the case. 

The purpose of this workshop is to provide you with the building blocks to understand how you can improve your position on the bike by improving your body off the bike. We want to equip you with the tools and knowledge to make this coming season the best season ever. 

When: Sunday, November 27th 9am to 2pm

Where: Speed River Bicycle and Barres & Bells in Downtown Guelph

Price: 75$ (taxes incl) with snacks and coffee provided

Interested? Read on and then register below!

The Body on the bike @ SRB: 9-11am 

We will start with the basics of bike fit and explore how posture and position affects your riding. This section will investigate common equipment issues (saddles, hoods, cleats etc...) as well as common body issues (mobility, stability, awareness). 

The second section will delve into the pre-requisites required to achieve a strong and athletic position on the bike. We will look into what we require of the bike, and of the body, to have an efficient and strong position

At 11 we will finish with some coffee, snacks and a Q&A before heading over to the Barres & Bells facility on Douglas Street! If you need lunch you can step out downtown or bring your own!

The Body off the bike @ Barres & Bells: 12-2pm

This session will begin by looking at the body and what each joint should, and can, be capable of. We will discuss how to unwind the effects of cycling, joint by joint. 

From there we will move into strength and stability movements that every cyclist can use to build a stronger body. 

We will discuss and demo movements that will complement your position on the bike; these movements will help pattern better on-bike positions. We will also discuss and demo movements that are the opposite of the on-bike position; movements that will help you be a more resilient cyclist. 

November 27th, 9am to 2pm