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The Short Story: We will be getting a lot of bikes over the winter. 

We want to get you on a new bike, but we no longer have the ability to order on-demand from our distributors. The good news is, we ordered many bikes this year and will see a significant number of bikes arriving over the fall and winter!

Your time is valuable. Before you stop by to browse for bikes, check the link below for what we have in stock right now. If we have what you want, buy it online or call in to secure the bike before it is gone. Keep reading to see how you can secure an incoming bike for yourself!

The Long Story:

We want to help get you on a new bicycle. We love bikes, and we love helping people find their new ride. 

In a typical year, we would have a ton of bicycles in stock waiting for a new home. On top of those in-stock bikes, we would have access to a huge selection from Trek, Devinci and Salsa. That is no longer the case. There is a global shortage of bicycles. This isn't just a problem here, it is across the entire bike industry. 

That all said, we spent a lot of time putting in significant orders over the past year. As a result we are seeing a good amount of new bikes arriving over the fall and winter! If you can wait, we would love to help you find a new bike. We might even have what you want in stock. 

The best way to get started is by checking our instock bikes above. If you don't see what you are interested in, click on the "New Bike Form" below. Once we have some basic information outlining what you're after, we will go through our backordered bike spreadsheets to see if there is an option that fits, that will arrive on-time, and that suits your budget

We want to help.

We currently have a great selection of accessories and parts to compliment our staff of highly trained mechanics. Our mechanics are ready to fix your current bike and help get you out riding.

If you are willing to wait to get a new bike, and you currently have a bike, book a repair and we will get you ready for Spring. Then fill out the form, and we can start the process of getting you on a new Trek, Devinci or Salsa bike in the future!