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We appreciate all of the support!

Which makes it really hard to say, we simply cannot open our doors at this time. We have thought this through and discussed it, ad nauseum, and for the following reasons our sales floor will stay closed:

  • We have a small store. There is insufficient space to operate the store (phones, emails, repairs, intakes, orders etc...) and have customers in the store while maintaining safe distance. The safety of the staff, and the community, is our number one priority.  
  • We want to be good neighbors. We don't like the thought of people lining up in front of the store blocking the sidewalk. We prefer to set appointments for dropoff, pickup etc... and keep crowding to a minimum. 
  • We are running out of bikes. There. We said it. There isn't a ton of product to browse. Shop online, call in, email in ... let us guide you to what we have and if we get to the point of a sale, we can make after hours appointments to get the perfect bike under your bum. 
  • We can't keep up as it is! Yep, that's the truth. We have a smaller staff (spacing, pandemic etc...) and we are working our collective butts off. And we still cannot keep up. Adding walk in traffic will simply mean we can't honor our service obligations, our online order and ... likely ... we wouldn't be able to answer the phones. 

We want to be open. We want things to be normal. But all the wanting in the world does not make it so. Things are different and we are trying to change and offer the best service we possibly can. 

But worry not. We have a bunch of awesome surprises up our sleeves. 

Thank you for all of your patience and we look forward to continuing to serve you and keep you riding!