Speed River Bicycle Womens Group

2018 will be the second year for the Speed River Bicycle Women's group!

Speed River Bicycle is committed to building and supporting a cycling community for women. This group is for women of all ages and fitness levels interested in meeting up with other women for group rides, events and clinics.

What is cooking for the 2018 season?

We have created a ride ambassador program to lead more rides. Meet the team of awesome Women who will be leading rides here. The rides will cover terrain such as:

  • road
  • casual in-city rides (get to know your city)
  • mountain biking
  • multi surface (gravel, road, multi use trail)
  • destination rides (that will likely involve coffee & treats!)

Check out our ride and event calendar here!

Additionally, we have run, and are planning, clinics that will touch on:

  • basic mechanic courses
  • Yoga for cyclists
  • Strength training for cyclists
  • Skill building for cyclists

Communication for this group will be multifaceted.

The first mode of communication will be the SRB Womens email newslist. We will post monthly events, clinics and sales. This will be much more broad but will serve as a great reminder about what we are up to. You can sign up HERE now. This is perfect for someone who doesn't want to be on a social network but wants to stay in touch. 

The second mode of communication is our meetup.com group:


All events will be listed here and it is a convenient way to be reminded of every event when you join the group. You can register here using the google form or from our Calendar as well. Whichever way you choose to register please note that registration is necessary for all events to keep numbers manageable, safe and fun!

Lastly, we will use all of our social media platforms to publicize our events. You will not be able to RSVP via our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram but you can keep up to date with what we are getting after!

Keep your ears open and eyes peeled, more events, more rides and more learning are on the horizon!