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Speed River Bicycle Precision Fit

Riding to work, doing a local century or racing a triathlon you deserve to get the most out of your bicycle. 

Speed River Bicycle Precision Fit is an investment in the enjoyment of your bicycle and an opportunity to increase comfort and performance with an eye on longevity and resilience. Pain is not a normal part of cycling and evidence based bike fitting, from an expert fitter, can be the exact tool you need to take your cycling to the next level. 

All bicycles sold at Speed River Bicycle receive a complimentary bicycle sizing. We offer two fitting options, Level 2 Bike Fit and Level 3 Bike Fit for those requiring further attention. 

The Process

The process is Treks Precision Fit backed by our many years in the bike and fitness industry. This creates a unique fit process that is entirely our own. It is based on experience, education and the advice and teaching of respected movement professionals plus some of the best tools available in the industry.

An interview, discussion and a look at how you move off of the bike preceeds the actual fit. We use elements of the FMS movement screen and the Trek Precision Fit physical assessments, of which their are two levels of detail. These assessment techniques give us a framework to work within and gives us insight as to how you will interact with the bike. A thorough assessment creates the best starting point for a fit.

The interview is followed by an indepth on bike assessment where we typically start by looking at the whole picture and then move from the feet, to the seat, to the hands. Often we will go back and forth as a change at the foot can create changes at the saddle and vice versa. 

Depending on the level of the fit at each stage we will capture data using our pressure mapping and motion capture video technology. 

The Products & Tools

The fit is only as good as the fitter and the fitters process. An excellent fitter needs excellent products to work with and the right tools to do the job.


Through our years of experience we have acquired what we consider the best products on the market. These are the products we use & recommend. 



  • Bikefit wedges and cleats
  • Steve Hogg wedges
  • Currex Insoles
  • Shimano Pedals & Cleats
  • Speedplay pedals and pedal fitting kit

Handlebars & Stems

  • Bontrager Handlebars & Stems 

Our beliefs, Fit first philosophy

At Speed River Bicycle we have a "fit first" mentality. As a customer we can be interested in a given bike or a given set of components but, if those parts do not work with your current state (mobility, flexibility etc...) then they are not going to benefit you. If we approach a bike purchase or a fitting with the mindset that a proper fit comes first, we are going to end up with a better result. 

By taking a fit first view we look at how the body works off of the bike and then create a framework for how it would look on the bike. If you have limited ranges of motion off the bike then we need to accommodate for how you are at this point in time. The reality is the better you move off the bike, the better you will feel on the bike and the more time you invest in bettering yourself off the bike, the better you will perform on the bike. 

Fitting is about taking what we have, at that moment in time, and working with it but also educating the client about their body and offering insight as to how they could potentially work to better themselves on the bike.

The Fitters

Our fit team has an accumulated 40+ years of bicycle repair experience, 13 years of fitting experience and years of group training, personal training and coaching experience. A few relevant certifications we have participated in:

  • Trek Fitting Certification w/ Michael Sylvester
  • Trek Precision Fit Level 1
  • Trek Pressure Mapping pilot group, 3 day course
  • Trek Precision Fit Level 2
  • Trek Precision Fit level 3
  • Bike Fit Level 1 certification
  • FMS Level 1 (functional movement screen)
  • FRCms certification
  • Crossfit Level 1
  • Agatsu Level 1 Kettlebell 
  • Currently teaching Precision Fit Level 1 courses for Trek in Canada (2018/2019)

Our experience in, and out of, the bicycle industry gave us with the experience to review all of the fitting products currently on the market and arrive at the decision that the tooling and education provided by Trek Precision Fit is currently the best fit solution available.