Size cycle & Pure position

Precision Fit size cycleThe precision fit size cycle is a fully adjustable fitting tool that allows the fitter to independently move the saddle in the x & y plane and move the handlebars in the x & y plane. This means we are not constrained by the components on a bike but are free to explore what your body is best suited to. 

The size cycle has dynamic load control provided by a computrainer unit which also allows us to measure your pedal stroke via the spin scan feature. 

This is the ultimate tool in a Fit First philosophy. 

 Trek Pure Position is a unique bike solution software which allows a fitter to select the correct bike model, size, stem, spacers and seat position.

The software shows how the bike will look with different stack and reach combinations with each bike that fits closely to parameters. The solutions are sorted to find a stock bike that most exactly matches the fit parameters. The database of bicycles are sorted on the X & Y coordinates of the rider against the geometry of their bike or a new bike. In conjunction with the size cycle this ensures that the bike you purchase is the perfect bike for you.