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Road Cycling Routes

This is a collection of some of the more 'classic' Guelph road cycling routes. You can expect them to be entirely paved with occasional chip tar/seal at worst. 

If you are interested in rougher terrain please visit our 'multi-surface' page!

Guelph Lake Loop - 30km

A simple loop out around Guelph lake. The loop can be taken in either direction and features very low traffic levels.

The road is mostly smooth pavement with Watson Rd. being a rougher, broken pavement for a the latter portion. Often used as a training loop for local triathlon and road cycling clubs it is featured in both Guelph Lake 1 & 2 triathlons.

Short Oustic Loop - 50km

A short road loop that takes you out into Eramosa and hits Oustic as its furthest point.

Rolling hills, smooth pavement (except a short section of Watson) and pretty low traffic makes it a great route any time of day.

Covered Bridge loop - 90km

There are numerous ways to get out of town on this loop with heading through the Woodlawn Cemetery and down the Woodlawn bike lanes a great way to shorten the distance.

Regardless, this is an excellent road ride that takes in some beautiful areas including one of our favorite roads, Middlebrook.

The ride has mostly smooth pavement with relatively low traffic.