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Multi-surface routes

What can you expect with a multi surface ride?

  • gravel roads, rail trail, chip tar and maybe a small amount of single track
  • time wise, multi surface is faster than a MTB ride, but slower than a road ride. Depending on conditions and the season a moderately experienced cyclist could expect 20-23km/hr, route dependent. 

What type of bike is ideal for these routes?

  • This depends on your capabilities and the route but a gravel bike, cyclocross bike, touring bike or mountain bike (that's overkill) would be ideal. Many of these routes can be tackled on a road bike w/ 30c or larger tires. 
  • If the route requires different equipment or higher skill, we will let you know

Are these routes fun?

  • Yes. 

Can you upload these routes to your GPS device?

  • Yes. Yes you can!

Little Tract out & back - 40km

This is a route that has definite equipment pre-requisites.

You will need a cyclo-cross or gravel bike with 35c + tires and a certain level of skill as this route takes you out to Little Tract which has a myriad of double and single track that you can ride to your hearts content.

The route out is pretty fun as well as you navigate through the city avoiding main roads & sticking to the trails. There are small trails that don't show up on this map you can take as well so keep your eyes peeled and consider those hidden presents!

Corwhin Out & Back - 60km

Some rail trail, some gravel, some pavement, some chip tar. A nice mixture of surfaces to get you a solid 60km ride

Jig's Hallow - 60km

A great ride featuring a road with two closed bridges which means ... no cars! Gravel, rail trail and some beautiful scenery. A popular early morning sunrise route.

Valen's Conservation Multisurface - 65km

Featured as part of our season finale ride for 2018, this route features some winding recreation trails and a few good gravel rollers before reaching the scenic Valens Conservation Area.

Three Rivers Ride - 70km

This route is a community favourite as it is featured in a 2Rivers Festival event each year. The route follows mostly recreation trails and scenic backroads along the Eramosa, Speed, and Grand rivers with a little bit of urban navigating through Cambridge.

Belwood Lake & back - 80km

A scenic, moderately challenging route that utilizes primarily gravel township roads to get you into Centre Wellington, around Belwood Lake, and back to Guelph.

Guelph, Centre Wellington - 80km

A popular route at the shop that requires less time than the 115km but takes in a lot of the same terrain. There are butter tarts ...

Guelph, Orton, Belwood Loop - 80km

Take some in city rail trail out around Guelph Lake and then head uphill towards Erin.

On Sideroad 27 you hop off the gravel and take the Cataract trail back to Orton , then Belwood and head home on Jones & Campbell.

A great ride with rail trail, gravel, pave and chip tar. You can through some single track in at the beginning & end (at Guelph Lake) if you are feeling it and have the proper equipment

Tin Roof cafe for Coffee & back! - 85km

A Speed River favorite that slowly ascends as you make your way to Erin for delicious treats and coffee.

You can leave town, or come back into town, using single track if you wish but this is a route that consists mostly of Gravel, some paved road and a bit of rail trail. Bring your climbing legs for sideroad 27 and enjoy the views!

Guelph, Hawkesville, Kissing Bridge loop - 115km

This is a long one so, be prepared. There are places to grab food along the way so you will be covered in that manner but be sure to bring spare tubes, pump, tools etc... as 115km of mixed surface is quite a bit different from 115km on tarmac.

Guelph, Woolwich, Centre Wellington Loop - 115km

Another big one with a large variety of surfaces in front of you. Be prepared and enjoy