Level 3 Bicycle Fit - $300

This is the most detailed fit offered and lasts 2.5 to 3.5 hours. It includes:

  • detailed interview
  • advanced physical assessment 
    • includes detailed flexibility, mobility & strength assessment. 
    • includes detailed foot assessment
  • pressure mapping technology
  • motion capture technology
  • purely custom size cycle (where appropriate and necessary) 
  • 60 day satisfaction guarantee

It is recommended that you bring the following to your fitting:

  • bike & pedals
  • shoes & insoles
  • shorts & jersey 
    • tight fitting jersey preferable to loose fitting shirt
    • multiple pairs of shorts, especially if triathlete
  • small parts you currently own that you feel are important (new cleats, stems etc...) or have questions about

A bike fit is rarely a one time and you are done situation. The Advanced bike fit includes a satisfaction guarantee within 60 days of the initial fit. This means we will work with you until it works or we will refund the labor if you are unsatisfied*. 

The labor fee for the fitting is $300 and does not include small parts such as saddles, cleats, handlebars etc... 

To book an appointment or to request more information please email fitting@speedriverbicycle.com or head over to our Fitting Inquiries page.