Gravel Rides w/ Taylor

Gravel rides with Taylor ... 2 years and running!

This past Sunday, Oct 22nd featured the final event of Taylors Gravel series with two amazing routes, one 80km long and one 110km long. These rides were the culmination of a fantastic season of getting out on two wheels with friends. 

2018 will feature more of the good stuff. Trails and roads you've never encountered with the potential for delectable treats along the way!

What is this group about? It is about going out and finding roads and trails that you might not know exist. It is about meeting new people to ride with and having a great time doing it. 

What do I need to participate? Each ride is unique with some being rambling 100+ Km rides on hilly terrain with others being within the city and about learning more about Guelph. In general it would be best to have:

  • a drop bar bike with 35c or larger tires
  • a tool kit, spare tubes etc... for eventualities
  • the ability to ride an average pace of 25km/h for 2+ hours
  • a spirit of adventure and a huge smile. 

If you are interested in knowing more about these rides, join the Facebook Group to receive all of the up to date information. The where, the when, the why and how!