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Bike Sizing

We size every bike that we sell to ensure that the frame chosen will fit the customer over the course of time.

Our road bikes are sized using two methods, our Precision Fit size cycle or the actual bike you will be purchasing. The precision fit size cycle is an amazing tool that ensures we select the best possible geometry and size for your body, your style of riding and your goals. If we need to order a bike we can rely on the size cycle to provide us with precise measurements so we can have the bike built perfectly on arrival. 

With our sizing we will work to select a frame that puts you in the middle of the 'fit window'. As your goals, mobility and fitness change you are able to make changes to your bike (stem, saddle etc.) to accomodate the physical changes that can occur to an individual over time. 

For those that are looking for a more tailored experience, have recurring injuries or simply want to get the greatest performance out of their bike we recommend having a look at our Level 2 Bike Fit or our Level 3 Bike Fit options. If you have any questions about our services head over to our Fit Inquiries form and drop us a line.